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Memories of the USS Panay

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Interview with Cmdr. Arthur Anders

by R.H. Growald, San Diego Union

Interview with Fon B. Huffman

Last living survivor of USS Panay

Cmdr. Arthur Anders’ memories of China and the Panay

Muriel Anders memories of China

Interview with Fon B. Huffman

Last living survivor of the USS Panay

In January of 2007, writer Nick T. Spark conducted an archival quality, videotape interview with Fon B. Huffman, the last living survivor of the Panay incident. 

Mr. Huffman, age 93, joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 16 and ended up as a Watertender 2nd Class aboard Panay.   During the Japanese attack, Huffman gave journalist Norman Alley his lifebelt, and then attempted to swim to shore aboard a mattress. The mattress sank but fortunately for Huffman, he was picked up by the ship’s boat.  A grateful Alley paid tribute to Huffman in his book I Witness, calling him a hero. 

The transcript of the interview will be available on this site, along with an excerpt of the video, at a future date.